My Manifesto (of sorts)

Spokesman Review 8-29-19 article by Chad Sokol:

The Restoration” is an 8-page document written by WA state representative Matt Shea detailing how Christian Patriots should 1) quell resistance 2) establish an interim government 3) decentralize services 4) restrict immigration based on ethnicity &5) amend the Constitution of the United States to “acknowledge that Jesus Christ rules over this state as our legitimate sovereign Lord & King from His place of authority at God’s right hand“. Leaked by former supporter Jay Pounder

The only thing I can agree with WA state representative Matt Shea is that our government will collapse & there will be a civil war. I also believe these are the “End Times” as prophesized but my interpretation, my perceptions & conclusions about how it should all work out is the exact opposite of what Shea & his Christian Patriots