My Manifesto (of sorts)

Spokesman Review 8-29-19 article by Chad Sokol:

The Restoration” is an 8-page document written by WA state representative Matt Shea detailing how Christian Patriots should 1) quell resistance 2) establish an interim government 3) decentralize services 4) restrict immigration based on ethnicity &5) amend the Constitution of the United States to “acknowledge that Jesus Christ rules over this state as our legitimate sovereign Lord & King from His place of authority at God’s right hand“. Leaked by former supporter Jay Pounder

The only thing I can agree with WA state representative Matt Shea is that our government will collapse & there will be a civil war. I also believe these are the “End Times” as prophesized but my interpretation, my perceptions & conclusions about how it should all work out is the exact opposite of what Shea & his Christian Patriots

Christian Identity & the Pacific Northwest

In a Spokesman Review article (8.8.19) Chad Sokol detailed rumors that members of a neo-Nazi group called The Base were traveling to a “hate camp” north of Spokane County around mid-August 2019. The leader of The Base AKA Norman Spear & Roman Wolf recently purchased land near Colville & Chewelah, Washington state. According to Sokol’s research, The Base is a secretive network of neo-Nazis with self-proclaimed goals of “plotting & training for terrorist attacks.” Their membership & ideology are shared with the Atomwaffen Division, another known terrorist group recruited from the United States military.

Vice News reported “The Base maintains a trove of manuals with instructions on lone wolf tactics, gunsmithing, data mining, interrogation techniques, counter-surveillance, bomb / chemical weapons making & guerilla warfare.” Police were tipped off by Eugene Antifa, a group of anonymous left-wing activists in Eugene, OR, when they posted a rumor on Twitter that members of The Base are “flying into Spokane Airport from all over the country to attend a “hate camp”.

Eastern Washington state & Northern Idaho have long been home to white supremacists & neo-Nazis. “In the early 1970s, Richard Butler founded the Aryan Nations, also known as the Church of Jesus Christ–Christian, whose ideology is a mixture of Christian Identity and Nazism. The organization operated from a 20-acre (81,000 m2) compound in Hayden Lake, Idaho, a suburb of the tourist town Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, which became the center of a neo-Nazi network with worldwide links.

Beginning in the 1980s, Butler was implicated in plots to overthrow the United States government & investigated for his ties to the neo-Nazi group known as The Order. His group distributed white supremacist propaganda, even holding an annual skinhead parade in downtown Coeur d’Alene. The community responded with complete condemnation of the Aryan Nations with locals forming the Kootenai County Task Force on Human Relations.

Richard Butler and his Aryan Nation were finally taken down when victims of their harassment and assaults won a big award in civil court which ultimately bankrupted Butler and he was forced to relinquish his compound and land in northern Idaho. But, that wasn’t the end of neo-Nazi ideology in the Pacific Northwest. In the several decades since white supremacists and modern-day neo-Nazis first took refuge in the Pacific Northwest, the number of “hate groups” as defined by the Southern Poverty Law Center has increased to 28 known active groups in WA state and 10 in Idaho.

With down homey names like Our Place Fellowship, Truth in Love Project, Fortress of Faith, and America’s Promise Ministries, members share a common thread of perceived persecution by the United States Federal government (Deep State Conspiracy), the mainstream media (Fake News), Hollywood liberals, globalists, Democrats, and elitist intellectuals. Their list of grievances include general disregard for the Constitution, violations of parental rights, lack of Christian Conservative Patriot representation, overwhelming bureaucracy, hostile business environment, onerous taxation and the rights of Christian conscience.

Fast forward to 2019: Spokane Valley, WA, has become a nexus for white supremacists, the Republican party and mainstream America in their goal to create a separate Christian state carved out of Eastern Washington called Liberty State 51. WA state representative Matt Shea (4th Legislative District) is a leading voice in the populist Liberty State Dominionism movement. A self-avowed Evangelical, Shea is widely known for his “Biblical Basis of War” a Christian Nationalist manifesto with laws and rules for “the coming holy war as revealed by God”, outlined in 14 bullet points – an overt nod to white supremacist / founder of The Order, David Lane and his 14 Words “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, the domestic terrorist attack in El Paso (8.3.19) is typical of the accelerationist urgency of the current white power movement, which argues that violence is the only way to achieve the goal of creating a white, non-Jewish ethnostate.

Adherents believe that President Donald J Trump is their divinely-inspired leader who is ushering in America’s Second Civil War but the time and opportunity to “Make America Great Again” may very well end if Trump loses the presidency in 2020.


“It happened but they say it didn’t.”

Global Warming / Climate Change
NASA Moon Landing
Sandy Hook Massacre

“It didn’t happen but they said it did.”

Russia Collusion Witch Hunt Hoax
Seth Rich Murder
Trump is the King of Israel & the 2nd Coming of God.
Uranium One Deal


Abortion / Planned Parenthood
Fluoride in drinking water
Vaccinations against childhood diseases


The Deep State / US govt FBI CIA etc. corrupt
The Earth is Flat / Flat Earthers

Spokane City Council President race

First-time candidates as well as seasoned political players are vying to join Spokane City Councilwoman Kate Burke on the dais representing northeast Spokane. They include a sitting Spokane Public Schools Board of Directors member, a Pakistani immigrant, the director of a pro-business lobbying and education nonprofit, a Spokane Fire Department dispatcher, a day care owner and conservative talk show co-host, a school bus driver and a college student working with the Union Gospel Mission on housing the homeless.


Bill introducing “Liberty State 51”

January 2015: Filed by WA State Reps. Matt Shea and Bob McCaslin, both of Spokane Valley, House Joint Memorial 4003 would ask the Congress and President Trump to consent to the division of the state at the Cascade Crest.
Liberty State 51 license plate
The 20 counties east of the Cascades would become the state of “Liberty;” 19 on the west side would remain as the state of Washington. The border between the states would be the western boundaries of Okanogan, Chelan, Kittitas, Yakima and Klickitat counties.
“Since statehood, the lifestyles, culture and economies of Eastern and Western Washington have been very distinct and dramatically different,” the joint resolution says. “… The urbanization and rapid growth of the western portions of the state has progressively heightened this divergence of cultural and economic values.”
Federal law allows creation of new states with approval from existing legislatures with jurisdiction over affected areas. So the measure would have to pass the House, Senate and be signed by Governor Jay Inslee first.
This is the third year that Shea and McCaslin have introduced the same state-splitting measure. But the effort to divide what is today Washington state has been ongoing since at least 1901.
In the early 2000s, the late Sen. Bob Morton of Orient carried the Eastern Washington independence mantle. During his tenure in Olympia, Morton introduced a joint memorial asking President George W. Bush to create a new state, often calling the division “common sense.” Similar efforts occurred in 1999, 1996 and 1985. Legislative efforts can be traced back to 1915, by media accounts.
There were efforts to create the state of “Columbia” here in the 1980s. And there were efforts to create the state of “Lincoln” out of Eastern Washington, Eastern Oregon and North Idaho dating back to at least 1901.

Anti-vaxxer Spokane official says …

Spokane City Councilman, Mike Fagan, already under fire for his anti-vaccination views, rallied supporters who are opposed to a state bill that would eliminate the personal reasons exemption for childhood vaccinations, telling the group, “This is a war,” reports KREM.” 2/2015

Fagan is already facing pressure from the Spokane City Council, which wants him to step down from his position on the Spokane Regional Board of Health over his anti-vaccination views. He has made his opinion on the topic well-known on his Facebook page.

“I don’t think he would have been appointed to the board of health by this city council had we known that he had anti-vaccination and anti-science views on this issue,” said Ben Stuckart, the Spokane City Council President.

Fagan, who hosts the ‘Right Spokane Perspective‘, radio show on the American Christian Network in Spokane, also opposes the Affordable Care Act, with his Facebook page littered with anti-Obamacare photos.

Source: Feb 2015

Liberty State 51

Matt Shea, Washington State’s firebrand state representative from Spokane County is extremely pleased to report that the endeavor to create a new state out of eastern Washington which would be the 51st state named Liberty has grown leaps and bounds.  Gem State Patriot March 2019

Liberty State 51 flagStates Shea, “The momentum of the Liberty State movement has been incredible. We have been getting county captains left and right. We’ve got people from all different walks of life that are joining the drive & dozens & dozens of flags have been sold & are flying all over the state. We get a lot of pictures of them.”

“The flag design is made up of three stars that represent opportunity, resiliency, and the rule of law. The wheat sheaves are a nod to our agricultural traditions, the broken sword is a nod to the sacrifice to the people that have been bringing this issue for literally decades to try to make happen. The broken shackles symbolizes that we don’t want any more of the yoke to the tyranny of downtown Seattle.

The blue in the background is really truth and loyalty and of course you have the very centerpiece of the entire flag which is the Osprey, a symbol of freedom really indigenous to our area as well and I think one of the great designs that I’ve ever seen in people of really love that design. It’s really been well received.

“We have a committee drafting the proposed Constitution for the state of Liberty to then put it out for public comment. One of the greatest minds in the Constitution working on it is Mark Herr, President and founder of Center for Self-Governance.

He stated that some people try to make the claim that it will be the poorest state in the country. He says that’s just not true since it has such vast natural resources. The new state’s geography already generates power in eastern Washington for 11 other states. He states that there is so much area and room for everything from the tech sector to growing plants, to manufacturing and all kinds of other endeavors with more than enough room.

Shea pointed out that one of the newest questions that comes up is whether or not Congress would vote for this because article 4 section 3 of the U.S. Constitution says a simple majority vote in the state legislature is required whereas in Congress they won’t vote for something like this because they argue it upsets the voting balance in the Senate.

He says interestingly, Puerto Rico recently voted to become the 51st state. If balance in the number of states is the main concern, the state of Liberty could, along with Puerto Rico or Northern California (the proposed state of Jefferson movement that’s also underway) be voted on at the same time and then you wouldn’t have that balance upset. Problem solved, welcome to the union, Liberty USA. So… 51st or 52nd, who’s picky, right?

Asked how close the Washington legislature is to voting for this, Shea answered, “Actually we’re very close in Washington in the Senate where we’re one vote down and in the house, we’re two votes down for majorities. Our next election will be absolutely critical to see which direction we head. At the very least we will have a hearing and we will have an opportunity to bring it to the floor for a vote. I can’t speculate on the results, but we will have an opportunity to do that if we’re in the majority and there will be a discussion.

“A lot of the folks on the other side of the state say we’re a bunch of welfare freeloaders over here in eastern Washington to where they send all the money and stuff. So let us go.

“If we split the state, that’s actually going to benefit Seattle as well with more money for their social programs. They can do all the socialistic experimenting they want to on the other side of the state and sometimes I’ve heard from people over in downtown Seattle say that they feel that people like us in eastern Washington are hindering their ability to head toward the socialist utopia that they want. If we split the state they would be able to do that. So it actually helps in both senses on both sides.”

“The great part about splitting a state, and this mechanism our founding fathers left us, is that it is the mechanism so that geographic areas can be better represented according to the traditions, culture, heritage, beliefs, and values of the local people.”

Shea mentioned that Northern California’s effort to split into the state of Jefferson is very organized. He said his Liberty group has copied a lot of the things they’ve done in Jefferson’s efforts, shared ideas back and forth and stay in close contact with them. He also said Jefferson has a court case going on down there in regards to proportional representation, in other words, they feel like their world and their vote has been diluted and their representation is being diluted. They don’t have the representation that was envisioned by the founding fathers.

He said it’s important for people to understand that you don’t have to be a separate state to claim ground for liberty. You can have a flag flying and just claim that ground for liberty. It’s a mindset, a way of life. He thinks there are a lot of Americans today that know something is wrong, who want to get back to the mindset of truth, the mindset of freedom and liberty and that our property rights really do exist.

He shared a basic understanding of freedom, “I don’t have to be looking over my shoulder for somebody, whether somebody is trying to take my gun; I don’t have to look over my shoulder whether somebody is going to kill the unborn; I don’t have to look over my shoulder whether a bureaucrat is going to come find me at my small business; I don’t have to look over my shoulder because some Bureaucrat is going to come onto my property and try to find me because my cows are too close to a creek. You shouldn’t have to worry about that.”

When asked about Spokane becoming the capital of the state, he said that it should probably be located more near the center of the new state and that’s something people can decide later. “We’re just trying to get the opportunity to become a new state that truly represents these values of culture, heritage, and traditions that we have here,” he said.

Matt Shea sums it all up, “We’ve answered all these questions so nobody can really have anything they can object to anymore. Then you have a small group of leftists out there who come forward to say ‘The true agenda behind this must be that these guys want to set up a racist, Christian cult.’ You know that when they bring that argument up that they’ve lost. So I take that as a very good sign that if that’s all they have then we’re headed in the right direction.

“A great friend of mine Rev. Matthew Cummins grew up in downtown Chicago and he moved up to Stephens County. He’s become a great source of inspiration because he saw what socialist ideology resulted in and he’s been fighting against it for years. He’s been one of the big people that has been at these rallies and was at the Colville Rally that really brings that perspective of having lived in an area that really went to the ways of socialism. What a great man to have in our area that has that perspective. I think that’s the key lesson of freedom and that is that the calling of freedom can be anywhere.”

Source: Gem State Patriot March 2019