JXIndivisible blog re Matt Shea

From: Jerry LaClaire
August 22, 2019

Dear WA residents,

The Spokesman Review published an article entitled “Spokane Mayor David Condon, police Chief Craig Meidl say state Rep. Matt Shea is unfit for office“. It is important to read all articles by investigative reporter Chad Sokol with particular attention to who is mum & who is soft-pedaling. Explore the links to other articles on Matt Shea’s behavior & ask yourself what it says about an elected official or a candidate who does NOT call for Shea’s resignation.

Ozzie Knezovich has condemned Shea’s behavior for years. In spite of Knezovich’s high profile opposition to Shea, every other local Republican elected official or candidate from McMorris Rodgers on down has winked and nodded. All either supported Shea or remained agnostic about Shea’s behavior. even as his infamy has spread to the national media. (See MeetMattShea.com for an up-to-date archives of Shea’s stunts.).McMorris Rodgers accepted Shea’s endorsement in last fall’s election.

Read the Spokesman article carefully. Take note that David Condon (Mayor of the City of Spokane) is the only elected official or candidate with strong Republican ties (besides Knezovich) newly willing to call for Shea to step down. What distinguishes David Condon from the rest of the pack? Condon is a lame duck. He is termed out of office at the end of this year. Condon is not dependent on Shea’s wing nut supporter’s votes to stay in office. The Republican candidate for Mayor (yes, I realize it is a nominally “non-partisan” race, but no one paying attention believes that any more), the Republican candidate to replace Mayor Condon, Nadine Woodward, “was critical of Shea’s words and actions, but did not call for his resignation.” Which camp is she in? Is she afraid she’ll lose if she riles Shea’s fellow travelers?

The three Republican County Commissioners, French, Kerns, and Kuney, also declined to call for Shea’s resignation. Al French says, “it’s up to the voters to decide.” He doesn’t even want to suggest to his voting base that he, Mr. French, disagrees with Shea’s antics. What does that tell us about Mr. French?

Rod Higgins, the Mayor of the City of Spokane Valley, comes to Shea’s defense: “Spokane Valley Mayor Rod Higgins questioned the credibility of recent news reports.” This is the local version of screaming, “Fake News!!” Should we be surprised at Higgins? Hardly. He is on the same fringe with Shea. You can see him in action at a gathering of NWGrassroots at 38:36 in this video of the group hosting James Allsup, the white supremacist student activist at WSU who carried a torch at Charlottesville.

What of Shea’s fellow representatives to the Washington State Legislature from Legislative District 4, State Senator Mike Padden & State Representative McCaslin Jr.? Padden wants the voters to decide. As a Shea sympathizer, Padden wouldn’t want to anger any of the base. And what of Bob McCaslin, i.e. McCaslin Jr., Shea’s sidekick in the Legislature? The Spokesman article never mentions him, a glaring omission for which McCaslin Jr. is no doubt very thankful.

What does it say about the local Republican Party that no one other than Sheriff Knezovich and lame duck Mayor Condon will call for Shea to step down? Contemplate that. Research the cast of characters in this article. Commit there positions to memory. Discuss them and their positions with all who will.

Keep to the high ground,

Voter information:

Washington State: Go to MyVote.wa.gov, key in your name & birthdate – all your elected officials, your precinct, your voting history, & much more.

Idaho: Go to Idahovotes.gov. Lots of information, not nearly as user friendly as Washington’s, but lots of good stuff if you dig a little.

WA/Spokane/City/County/District Maps:

A great interactive map for WA State CDs and LDs: http://app.leg.wa.gov/districtfinder/

City of Spokane, City Council District Map: https://my.spokanecity.org/opendata/gis/council-districts/

Spokane County School District (81) Map: http://www.spokaneschools.org/Page/89  (It takes some study. Not a great overview.)

Spokane County Fire Districts: http://www.interceptradio.com/wiki/index.php/Spokane_County,_WA

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